Sport packages for public use

Fill your screens with your customers' favorite sports and lure them off their home couches. With Feelment, you can offer a carefree sports experience for both your customers, as well as employees. You can try Feelment's broadcasting technology free of charge. 

A laptop with Feelment's app on. In front of the computer there is a chromecast device.
Features designed for business use

Sports channels to restaurants from a single device

Licensed for business use

Sleep your nights with peace and showcase sports channels legally. Feelment is licensed for public broadcasting, so you can use it worry-free in your business premises.

Live broadcasts with a press of a button

Give your customers a reason to stay longer and order "one or two more" by showing their favorite sports.


Recordings ensure that you can showcase sports 24/7. Recordings are available immediately after the end of the live broadcast.


Channel packages

Book a free demo

Book a suitable time in your calendar for approximately a 30-minute presentation, which will be conducted remotely.

Forget about set-top boxes and channel surfing

No more messing around with remote controls or channel surfing. You can see all the ongoing broadcasts at a glance, and all you have to do is press play.

A laptop with Feelment's application on.

Sports broadcasts tailored to your customers' taste

Not all of your customers may want to watch the same broadcast. Previously, you needed a separate set-top box for each broadcast, but with Feelment, you can display multiple broadcasts simultaneously on different screens. Just choose the program and on which screen to show it. It's that easy.

Tv-screen with ice hockey on it. Atmosphere is Irish Pub like.

Pre-made advertisements all in one package

When your customers know what you offer, they know to show up. With us, you get ready-made channel specific marketing materials that you can use to promote upcoming matches on social media, for example. Additionally, you get access to the free Advertising service, which allows you to fill your TV screens with the best ads.

Person using the Advertisement service.

Frequently asked questions

How is the number of customer seats calculated?

The number of customer seats is the same as stated in the liquor license. However, if the number of customer seats stated in your restaurant's liquor license does not match the number of people who can see the TV screens, the "Restricted Viewing Right" clause may be applied to the customer seat count.

To obtain a reduced customer seat count, please contact our sales team.

What devices do I need?

You'll need a Windows 10/11 computer or tablet and Feelment credentials. Additionally, you'll need a cable connection from the computer to the television. Alternatively, you can connect a Chromecast to the back of the TV, eliminating the need for separate cabling.

I currently display sports channels through a set-top box. Why should I switch to Feelment?

Showing sports through Feelment is easier; you can see all ongoing broadcasts at a glance, display multiple different matches from a single device, and access sports recordings. You also save money as you don't have to pay for the typical equipment fees associated with set-top boxes/dish antennas.

You get additional restaurant entertainment like background music, karaoke, and advertising displays all in one program.

You can try Feelment's broadcast technology with air channels for a month completely free - and with no commitments, so trying it out should give you a good idea. 🥳

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