Ruutu Sports for public broadcasting

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Ruutu Sports for business use from Feelment

Advertising screens

Display your best offers on screens before and after the match. Digital Signage at your disposal, completely free of charge. 😎

Ruutu Sports

Top Finnish series and much more for a small price.

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Customer seats
Price €/month
* Contract is valid indefinitely

Frequently asked questions

How is the number of customer seats calculated?

The number of customer seats is the same as stated in the liquor license. However, if the number of customer seats stated in your restaurant's liquor license does not correspond to the number of people viewing the TV screens, the "Restricted Viewing Right" clause can be applied to the customer seat count.

To obtain a reduced customer seat count, please contact our sales team.

What devices do I need?

You'll need a Windows 10/11 computer or tablet and Feelment user credentials. Additionally, you'll need a cable connection from the computer to the TV, or you can also connect a Chromecast to the back of the TV, eliminating the need for separate cabling.

I currently display sports channels through a set-top box. Why would I switch to Feelment?

Displaying sports through Feelment is easier, as you can see all ongoing broadcasts at a glance and can also show recordings or multiple different matches from a single device. Additionally, you save money by not having to pay the typical device fees for set-top boxes/dish antennas.

You also get other restaurant entertainment in the same program, such as background music, karaoke, and advertising displays.

You can try Feelment for a month completely free and with no commitments, so why not give it a try? 🥳

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