Free ad management service for businesses

Advertising in business premises

With Feelment's free Advertising service, you can easily boost your company's sales by displaying your best offers on screens.

Laptop with the advertisement control website open.

Ad-control on MyFeelment website.

Features for business use

Harness your ads and sell more

Advertise from anywhere

You can control your locations ads in real time; whether you're there in person or sitting on your home couch. Add advertisements, videos and timers where or whenever.

Pre-made advertisements

Thanks to our advertisement library you have access to pre-made ads ranging from sports to drink selections.

Advertisement lists

Create complete ads, which you can then utilize in every location you have at once. Master your campaigns and ease your advertisement with our handy advertisement lists.

In addition

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Register as a user and fill your TV screens with advertisements.

Everything you need

Advertisement control is an easy, but also a versatile tool. Control your ads visibility with a clear weekly editor, add your own prices to drink ads and create your own advertisement lists; all from one page and one sitting.  

Advertisement control tool in MyFeelment website.

Advertisement control in real time

Advertisements will display automatically within the given time frame, and new ads will update to your screens in real time without any extra synchronizations. 

Alternating advertisents of happy hour offers, band performances and pizza.

How does it work?

In order for you to show ads on your screens you will need a Windows 10/11 device, and of course televisions. 

1. Create a free Feelment® -account in MyFeelment. By navigating to the Digital Signage side of the site, you will be able to control and edit your ads.

2. Download Feelment® from the Microsoft Store and open the app. Connect the computer to your screens and you can start showing your ads.

Woman modifying advertisements in My Feelment.

Start advertising today

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to subscribe to one of the paid services in order to use Digital Signage?

No. When you create an account, you will get other Feelment® services to try out for a month, but those will automatically stop after the month. You can use Digital Signage without any fees. 

Can I show ads on multiple screens?

For each screen you need an independent device, but of course you can share one picture output to multiple screens with an hdmi matrix.

What kind of pre-made advertisements does the service have?

At the moment our advertisement library has ads from beverage suppliers, drink ads and ads from different sports series.