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Pellontie 25
95700 Pello

Mechelininkatu 34B 18
00260 Helsinki


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Customer service (business days 9-16)
029 1234 121

Technical support (every day 9-23)
029 1234 122

Sales (business days 9-16)
029 1234 123


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Who are we?

A smiling man sitting down.

Kalervo Vanha

Entrepreneur and company finder from 1984. Comes up with ideas, tries them, succeeds or not, starts again. Has been in the entertainment industry since 13 years old.

A standing, smiling young man holding onto a rail. Winter scenery in the background.
Sales, partner

Matti Raivio

Sales and music. In addition to handling customers, he also takes care of playlist libraries and creates branded playlists for our customers.

Father and DJ-Mazaboogie on his free time.
+ 358 40 6532 653

A bald man wearing an orange shirt, white background.
Sales, partner

Olli Aska

In charge of sales and operations. Father of three, and hundreds of sales. Free time that's left after family life is spent in nature and ski trails.
+ 358 400 216 901

Woman wearing a white shirt, looking into the camera while sitting down in front of a computer.

Virpi Vanha

Other half of the entrepreneur couple, holding the strings of finance in her hands. Also makes sure our offices are decored down to a T and employees are doing well.
+ 358 29 1234 129

Young man wearing hunting gear in a forest. Also a glimpse of a dog at the bottom half of the image.

Valtteri Vanha

Comes up with, develops and is in charge of marketing. Available free time is spent in the wilderness or behind various musical instruments. Second generation of the family business, as the last nime might suggest.
+ 358 40 668 5015

A smiling young man on some grass wearing a cap. There is also dog next to him.

Jussi Vanha

In charge of the constant development of Feelment and making sure things work. A monday musician and second generation of the family business.
+358 40 626 7331

Smiling, cheerful young woman hugging a fur ball.
Customer relationships

Iina Huikari

Makes sure that our communication serves you well during every step of your customership and makes sure you are doing good. 

"Everything will get done" -type of person. Free time is spent with arts & crafts, music and spotting spelling mistakes.
+ 358 40 5275 782

Severi smiling in the camera.
Content creator

Severi Vanha

Workdays are spent on various marketing tasks with the goal of acquiring new customers. The newest addition to the family business, representing the second generation as the name suggests. An enthusiastic sports fan on his free time. Probably planning his next trip even at this very moment.

+358 40 737 0010


A bald, young man sitting at his work desk.
Music design

Antti Risto

Work days are spent upkeeping our playlists and databases. On his free time you can find him playing on gigs, in a studio, or basically anywhere as long he has a guitar on him. Owns a consering amount of music equipment.
+ 358 29 1234 124

Young man wearing a puffy winter jacket and a green beanie. He is outside in sunny winter weather.
Technical support

Miikka Marjamäki

Helps you with tech questions, big or small. Makes sure cords won't get mixed up and our services are working as they should.
+ 358 29 1234 122

Customer Service

Niko Kovalainen

Our customer service expert, who also knows the secrets of billing. Whatever is on your mind, you'll get a quick response via message or phone. Outside of work, time is spent competing; whether it's reindeer races or ice fishing, you can count on his presence. For more relaxing hobbies, he enjoys baking and knitting.

029 1234 121

A smiling young woman sitting at a coffee table.
On parental leave

Hanna Sorri

In charge of customer communications in the form of news letters, blog texts and social media. Part of building the visual content and marketing of Feelment. Loves art, dance and the islands around Turku.
+358 40 664 6362

Golden retriever standing in snow.
Good Girl


Furry office assistant in our Pello office. A distinguished fishing assistant, as long as she learns not to jump off the boat to chase fishing rods. 

Feel free to send her treats:
Pellontie 25, 95700 Pello
A smiling young woman standing next to a tree with a wintery backgrond.
On parental leave

Juulianna Vanha

The one you will talk to first. In charge of our friendly customer service and billing. 

Singer-musician by blood and also a daughter-in-law of our entrepreneur couple. 

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