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Choose the services you need, and tailor a suitable package. Feelment's services work seamlessly together, eliminating your need for extra devices. 


We make the entertainment of thousands of businesses easy

"The home screen of the app is handy, because our staff can immediately see previously played playlists and recommended playlists. This makes it easy to switch the music within the frames of the brand. Also the playlists are well designed."
JunkyVegan logo
Riikka Atri
Restaurant manager, Junk y Vegan
"One of the best parts of Feelment is the fact that everything happens in the same app, so a restaurant doesn't need multiple softwares. In addition, Feelment's user interface is logical and reliable."
Jonas Laaksonen
Karaoke host, Shamrock
"Tech support has worked well and there's nothing to complain about Feelment's reliability. For example, the importation of Spotify playlists is a really good and handy feature."
VikingLine logo punaisella taustalla
Viking Cinderella's staff
"We have been especially pleased in the ease-of-use of the app and the customer oriented approach in Feelment's music service. If there has been a need to tweak a playlist, this has always worked out."
Finlandia-talo logo
Minna Sauramaa
Head of marketing- and communications , Finlandia-house
"Reason we chose Feelment, was its simplicity. It is really easy to use. They have an amazing customer service. And of course they are a small domestic company."
Laura Hansen
Restaurant owner, Kuurna

Tech support every day of the year

You can reach us from our tech support number any day of the year from 9AM to 11PM. We will help you with any restaurant technology-related issues, whether you are our customer or not.

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Finnish music service

Feelment® is a family owned Finnish company, trusted by over 2000 businesses across Finland. 

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Entertainers -blog

In our blog you'll find all the necessary information you need to make your customers have the best time. We bring the entertainment to your business. 

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