Showcasing the ice hockey world championships in a restaurant

Hanna Sorri
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Jan 26, 2024 2:45:08 PM

As the Ice Hockey World Championships approach, many restaurant owners have several questions on their minds. Should we show the World Championships? Do the games fit our restaurant, and is it financially worthwhile to show them? To make decision-making a bit easier, we have compiled tips in this text for showing the World Championships in a restaurant.


Why should the Ice Hockey World Championships be shown in a restaurant?

Finnish people are a hockey nation - that much we already knew. The success of the Lions in the World Championships evokes strong emotions among Finns, and during the tournaments, hockey becomes a major topic in both the media and everyday conversations. One can easily draw the conclusion: if anything attracts customers to the screen, it's the World Ice Hockey Championship. Many people are looking for places where they can watch the games together with others. A restaurant that shows ice hockey can naturally have a competitive advantage over other establishments.

When a restaurant airs the Ice Hockey World Championship, it can also attract entirely new customers who may not have visited the restaurant before. If the restaurant provides excellent service and a cozy atmosphere during the World Championships, this increases the customer base and consequently boosts sales and revenue even outside the World Championship season.


Here's how to make the Ice Hockey World Championships financially profitable


From the restaurant's perspective, the most important question relates to the costs associated with showing the Ice Hockey World Championships. For this reason, we started considering ways in which restaurants can ensure that showing the World Championships becomes financially rewarding. The financial benefit and risk brought by the World Championships can be assessed using a simple calculation formula. Start calculating by answering two questions:

  1. How many customers do you estimate will come to watch the matches in your restaurant on average per game? 

  2. What is the average profit margin for the most commonly sold drink/drinks?

The calculation formula

Customer count x drinks/customer/game x number of games shown = Number of drinks sold during the matches

For example, to calculate the number of drinks sold when there are approximately 25 customers, each customer buys 3 drinks per game, and all 64 World Cup hockey matches are shown in the restaurant:

25 x 3 x 64 = 4800 drinks sold


By multiplying the number of drinks sold by the average profit margin, you can estimate the profitability of the World Cup. When you show all the exciting World Cup hockey matches and Finland makes it to the finals, you'll surely be flashing that register quite a bit. 😊


Generate additional revenue with themed products.

The restaurant can also offer other services during the game, such as raffles, special offers, snacks, or other World Cup-themed products. Well-thought-out additional services attract customers and increase cash flow. The excitement of the tournament and team spirit encourage people to loosen their purse strings if the restaurant has suitable tournament products prominently available. The sky's the limit, so put on your thinking cap and test out those tournament drinks!

For example, a game night score prediction contest is perfect for the Ice Hockey World Championships. Use it to entice customers to your restaurant to watch the game. Post a poll on your restaurant's social media (e.g., Facebook or Instagram stories) where your customers can guess the winner of the game. You can also ask customers for their prediction at the time of purchase and distribute a specific card, token, or even a drink glass based on their answers. Those with the correct prediction token can receive a discount coupon, for example, at the end of the game.


Get the technology right

Showing the Ice Hockey World Championships 2024 in your restaurant is taken care of with a Viaplay subscription. Through Feelment, you can conveniently order the package, and you don't have to deal with the technology alone. Replaying the World Cup hockey broadcasts is done through the Viaplay app or web browser, and our phone support is available every day of the year from 9 am to 11 pm at 029 1234 122.

For restaurant owners in need of display solutions, we recommend the Grano Media Tower rental display, which is perfect for showing the Ice Hockey World Championships. It's a portable, large-scale, double-sided display designed for guiding at festivals and mass events, as well as generating advertising revenue. You can effortlessly stream Ice Hockey World Championships or other sports content (or even karaoke) onto the screen using cabling.

The media surface measures 2 x 3 meters and can be rotated vertically and horizontally. Each display weighs 2000 kg and is easily movable with a forklift, designed to withstand wind and weather. It's the perfect solution for creating a summer hockey viewing experience – you just need to ensure adequate power and sound. The Feelment team has collaborated with Grano on various projects, and we warmly recommend them as a partner.



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