Ice Hockey World Cup 2024 - Information Package for Restaurants

Iina Huikari
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Apr 17, 2024 1:25:23 PM

In the minds of hockey fans, visions of street celebrations dance while the desire for victory burns bright as the year's biggest spectator sports event, the Ice Hockey World Championships, rapidly approaches once again. The 2024 Ice Hockey World Championships will be held from May 10th to May 26th in the cities of Prague and Ostrava, Czech Republic. The Lions' quest for the World Championship title kicks off with Group A matches in Prague. In the opening match on May 10, 2024, at 9:20 PM, Finland faces the host country, the Czech Republic.

Regarding TV rights, the new home for the World Championships is Viaplay, which offers a comprehensive treat for the entire hockey community. What can viewers expect from Viaplay, and why should the Ice Hockey World Championships be shown in restaurants? We asked the experts at Viaplay and compiled everything you need to know about the 2024 World Championships.


All the stars and all the matches of the World Cup on Viaplay

As the Ice Hockey World Championships take over the streets and restaurants, excitement and hockey fever are guaranteed to be in full swing. Although we can't enjoy home games this year, Viaplay offers us a first-class tournament experience through our TV screens.

"The skilled team at Viaplay is ready to serve up all 64 upcoming matches with Finnish commentary and a whopping 23 studio broadcasts. With eight expert commentators providing rich background insights and studios on-site as well as at the nerve center back home, rest assured that hardly anything from this massive tournament with its star-studded lineup will go unnoticed," says Viaplay's hockey producer and host, Iiro Harjula.

Viaplay commentator Antti Mäkinen also promises an exhilarating experience: "As a commentator, I promise that the atmosphere won't be lacking! Together, we can shout and feel the intensity as the hockey lions give their all on the ice, and then some. The journey begins on May 10th in Prague, so buckle up—there's no speed limit to cheering!


Viaplay commentator Antti Mäkinen standing in the studio behind a table. In the background, there is a large screen displaying Viaplay and Ice Hockey World Championships logos.

The matches of the 2024 Ice Hockey World Championships Finnish national team (Lions) are narrated by the familiar voice of Antti Mäkinen, known from Viaplay's NHL broadcasts (pictured)



Viaplay & Feelment bring the Ice Hockey World Championship viewing experience to your restaurant

Through Viaplay and Feelment, you can create a unique hockey experience in your restaurant's viewing area; when the atmosphere is right and the technology is in place, your sales will flourish. If you already have a Viaplay business subscription, you can show all the World Cup matches with your current package. However, displaying the World Cup in your restaurant doesn't require a 12-month commitment, as you can now order the Viaplay Ice Hockey World Championship event package from Feelment.


5 reasons to order the Viaplay Ice Hockey World Championship event package for your restaurant

Are you still considering ordering the Ice Hockey World Championship event package? Check out below five compelling reasons why you should go for Viaplay's event package.

1. Your restaurant will be filled with thirsty hockey fans in May

Thanks to the World Championships, May could become the best sales month of the year—or the worst. The competition for customers is fierce during the World Championships. If your viewing area isn't up to par, customers will easily go to the competition next door. Viaplay doesn't leave us cold, and that's also promised by Iiro Harjula:

"Viaplay's expert team consists of thousands of NHL games, hundreds of TV studios, and no less than 19 different roles in winning ice hockey medals. This experience is utilized in analyzing games and preparing viewers for matches. Our goal is to provide a viewing experience where leaving the screen is not an option."

2. You show all the Ice Hockey World Championship matches from Viaplay

Restaurants should take full advantage of the Ice Hockey World Championships, especially now that live attendance is not possible in Finland. Through Viaplay, you can pamper hockey fans by showing all 64 matches of the Ice Hockey World Championships. 

3. Your customers enjoy the games served up by Viaplay's top team

The comprehensive expert team includes Marko 'Mörkö' Anttila, Risto Dufva, Ville Nieminen, Ossi Väänänen, Jussi Jokinen, Esa Pirnes, Mikko Lehtonen, and Riku Helenius. Viaplay's 'Leijona' voice is Antti Mäkinen, who commentates on all of Finland's matches - alongside expert Jussi Jokinen.

Among other commentators in the tournament are Niki Juusela, well-known from F1 broadcasts, and Jussi Eskola, who has focused particularly on cross-country skiing in recent years. The hosting team also promises a wealth of experience, professionalism, and passion. Alongside Iiro Harjula, studio broadcasts will be hosted by Mervi Kallio, Tuomas Meling, and Ville Klinga.

4. You will receive ready-made advertising materials from Viaplay

A great viewing experience is created through advertising! The Ice Hockey World Championship event package includes ready-made advertising materials from Viaplay, which will help attract customers to watch the World Championships in your restaurant. Advertise the Ice Hockey World Championships on your restaurant's social media channels or even on TV screens with just a few clicks.


5. You can also show NHL games in May

Viaplay's Ice Hockey World Championship event package is packed with excitement; you can warm up hockey fans with the same package by showing May's NHL games as well. The upcoming NHL matches are definitely worth showing, as there will be tight playoff battles throughout May. It's truly time to prepare for the hottest hockey month of the year and set up restaurant viewing areas. Viaplay is already prepared:

"As a sports commentator, the Ice Hockey World Championships are a matter of honor. Papers ready well in advance, arriving at the arena in a suit. The suit is on because game day is a celebration. Water bottle in hand, music in the ears until the broadcast begins. Then the notes from the ice reach the ears and are transmitted to the receivers. The Ice Hockey World Championships bring us all together, just like this year!" says Viaplay commentator Antti Mäkinen.