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Information about trial month

Can I try Feelment for home use?

Feelment is available exclusively for business use, and to register, you need a business identification number (Y-code).

What kind of a device do I need?

Feelment is available for various operating systems, which determine the services you have access to. The trial period includes background music, karaoke, digital ordering, Digital Signage advertising service, and free TV channels, available with Feelment's Windows version

Windows 10 & 11
All services available

Background music

Backgorund music


You can find detailed instructions on starting the trial month with Feelment and implementing our services here. If you don't have a suitable device for using Feelment, please contact our customer service.

Does the contract automatically continue as a paid subscription after the trial month?

No, it doesn't. 🤗 The trial month is available to you for 30 days, after which the services will automatically stop. If you wish, you can subscribe to the services you need through My Feelment or by contacting our customer service. We'll also reach out to you before the trial period ends, so it doesn't slip your mind.

What services are included in the trial month?
The trial month is available for you for an unlimited 30 days, and it includes the following services:
  • Background music
  • Karaoke
  • Digital ordering
  • Feelment Free TV (Yle & Twitch)
  • Digital Signage -ad service
  • Technical support every day from 9AM-11PM

What the trial month doesn't include:

  • Sports channel packages (MTV, Liiga-pass, Ruutu, V sport/Viaplay)

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