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The most extensive karaoke selection on the market

Content is one of the key features of karaoke because the more often your customers find their desired song, the more satisfied they are.


Karaoke series

Feelment® is the only system on the market that includes all major karaoke series such as Melplay, Finnkaraoke, Suomi Laulaa, and many more. In addition, our selection offers a variety of karaoke backgrounds with original artist backing tracks.

13 500+

Finnish songs

The selection of domestic songs is vast and grows by dozens of songs each month. Excluding overlapping versions, the total size of the selection is over 8300 songs.

50 000+

International songs

You'll find almost every foreign karaoke song in the selection, and new songs are released almost daily. Excluding overlapping versions, the total size of the selection is over 44,000 songs.

Exclusive karaoke series

A person singing karaoke. Melplay's logo and text in front of the image.

Melplay's karaoke selection includes thousands of Finnish karaoke songs ranging from timeless classics to fresh chart-toppers, as well as hundreds of English songs. The song selection includes nearly 1000 songs that cannot be found from other karaoke producers - and more are constantly being produced. Melplay's karaoke production has a massive fan base, for whom other versions won't suffice. And no wonder, as the quality of the backgrounds is among the best in the market.

Melplay's karaoke backgrounds are found only in Feelment.

Suomi Laulaa is a top-quality karaoke series featuring the most popular and sung timeless Finnish karaoke songs.

Behind the production are Finland's top-level musicians and studio, allowing your customers to experience what it feels like to sing accompanied by the best musicians in Finland.

The Suomi Laulaa karaoke series is exclusively available on Feelment.

Suomi Laulaa -logo. A lake in the background.
Kauneimmat Joululaulut (translation:

Thanks to the collaboration with 'Kauneimmat Joululaulut' (The Most Beautiful Christmas Songs), the Christmas karaoke selection has significantly expanded and now covers all the most desired and sung Christmas songs. The 'Kauneimmat Joululaulut' song selection grows annually with carefully selected songs.

The original 'Kauneimmat Joululaulut' songs are exclusively available on Feelment.

We produce 5-10 karaoke songs per month ourselves, and the songs added to the production queue are those most requested by the restaurant's customers. Requested songs are also shared with other karaoke producers to ensure a wide selection of desired songs. Naturally, our in-house produced songs are exclusive to Feelment. 😁

Logo of Feelment.

+ Many others

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The songs in our produced Feelment karaoke series are purely based on requests. We produce 5-10 songs per month.

Frequently asked questions

What does the most extensive karaoke selection mean?

With the most extensive karaoke selection, we mean that the selection includes the most content that your customers want to sing. According to statistics, 70.4% of all sung karaoke songs are domestic. That's why we have invested in a Finnish selection, which is several thousand songs larger in Feelment than in competing systems.

What is the quality of the karaoke backgrounds?

The backing tracks for karaoke songs are high-quality, and all backgrounds are 256-320 kbps/s. The quality of karaoke videos varies, but gradually, all karaoke videos are becoming HD-quality. It's worth mentioning the extensive Sunfly karaoke series, which updated all its videos to modern standards. New karaoke videos are always in Full HD quality.

Why can't I find the song I requested in the selection?

Karaoke songs are produced based on popularity, so the more requests for the same song, the more likely it is to be produced as a karaoke version. Karaoke songs are produced from scratch in the studio, so their production takes time.

What karaoke series are available on Feelment?

There are over 50 karaoke series in total, but let's list the most important ones:

Domestic karaoke series
Melplay, Finnkaraoke, Suomi Laulaa, Magnum, Finnhits, Laulava Koira, Be Pop, Power, Tatsia, Sävel Soi, Cover, Koiranpennut, Edel, Karaokepokkari, Feelment, Kauneimmat Joululaulut.

Foreign karaoke series
Sunfly HD, Karaoke Channell, Party Tyme, Svenska Favoriter, Greatest Hits, Norske Favoritter, Pocket Karaoke, Schlager SM, Svenska Visor.