Entertainment Creators

Is your goal to have more satisfied customers who stay longer and spend more? Those who spread the word and come back again? Let's together build unique customer experiences that reflect your restaurant's identity and create an immersive restaurant culture for all senses.

Stand out from the crowd - invest in entertainment.

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Why invest in entertainment?

Few of us go out for a long dining experience just because our stomachs are growling. You can even get drinks much cheaper at the local grocery store. Your restaurant's biggest competitor is the customer's own home.

With restaurant entertainment, you create unforgettable experiences and increase restaurant sales.

Customer acquisition

The difference between your restaurant and the customer's home lies in the experiences it offers. Through entertainment, you create an allure for your restaurant that entices customers to leave their homes.

More sales

The phrase "It's already..." is a sign that time has flown by. In the meantime, you've sold one drink after another. With entertainment, your customers stay longer, which in turn reflects in sales.

Returning customers

The more significant impression you leave, the more likely your customers will return. With friends.

All entertainment services in one app

Bring the atmosphere to your restaurant with one user-friendly app. Feelment® is Finland's leading provider of digital restaurant entertainment. Over 1500 restaurants, from major chains to unique bars and bistros across Finland, trust our service. We are a Finnish partner tailored to the size of your restaurant.


Easily obtain the necessary Teosto and Gramex licenses

Through Musiikkiluvat.fi, you can easily obtain the necessary Teosto and Gramex licenses for playing background music, all in one go. After that, you can focus on selling with emotion - with music.

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Finland's leading entertainment equipment supplier.

PELIKA is the leading supplier and operator of entertainment equipment in Finland. Our product range includes various entertainment games such as pool tables, jukeboxes, and video games. We provide services both with revenue sharing and fixed monthly rent.

Cover photo of PELIKA. Image is covered in red, with two people playing pool in it.

DJs and karaoke hosts for restaurants

Whether your celebrations are small or large, you'll find the right DJ or karaoke host with us. Popmaster offers DJ and karaoke services for events and restaurants at a clear price.

Cover phoyo of Popmaster. Image has a man holding headphones over his head.