What kind of mixer for karaoke?🎤

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Jan 26, 2024 2:43:43 PM

The mixer is one of the essential components when it comes to karaoke gigs. The mixer is used to adjust the sound levels and make the singer's voice sound the best it can be. This article covers mixers suitable for karaoke use

There are mixers for almost every need, and they all look identical. So, how do you know what makes a good purchase and when you might be throwing your money down the drain? A good rule of thumb is that equipment purchased for professional use pays for itself and is charged to the customer as part of the overall package.

This article covers mixers that we have found to be reliable and can wholeheartedly recommend. This doesn't mean that other devices wouldn't serve the purpose; it simply means we don't have experience with them.



The mixer should be purposeful, meaning it should have the necessary controls and an adequate number of inputs. Cables should be able to connect to the mixer without the need for adapters, and it should be durable, i.e., reliable.

Choose a mixer based on its intended use. For permanent installations, a digital mixer like the Soundcraft Ui works excellently, but for performers on the go, it might involve too much tweaking.

Required features

1. Enough XLR connections to plug microphones directly into the mixer with cables.
2. Adjustment options: At least bass, treble, and mid-range adjustment, as well as individual reverb.



Soundcraft Ui -series

One of the market's most popular digital mixers, offering three different options: 12, 16, and 24 channels. Instead of traditional faders, adjustments are made via a tablet/computer, where the mixer's control panel is opened.

Soundcraft provides incredible possibilities for shaping the sound, and by learning how to use the system, you can maximize its benefits. A significant bonus is that you can take the tablet with you and go to the customers' location to listen and adjust the sound.

Analog (traditional) mixers

Yamaha MG-series
Yamaha mixers are reliable workhorses, and the smallest in the product lineup, the MG06 series mixer, can almost fit in your pocket. For a mixer dedicated to karaoke use, you don't need too many channels, but a little extra room is always good. The MG10X model in the series offers 4 XLR inputs, allowing you to connect 4 microphones directly with a cable.


Equipment for playing karaoke

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