Karaoke booths - the new dimension of karaoke

Iina Huikari
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Jan 26, 2024 2:25:38 PM
Finnish people have long been considered true karaoke enthusiasts, and why deny it, as karaoke has over the years entrenched itself in the heart of Finnish restaurant culture. The love for the genre inevitably brings with it the demands of equipment sports; technology must evolve, and people want to try out novelties. Karaoke booths, which have come alongside traditional karaoke, are an excellent example of this – the experiential aspect of karaoke has reached a new dimension.

Karaoke booth – what is it all about?

Karaoke booths, originating from Asia, have spread around the world in recent years as technological advancements bring innovations to karaoke. The booths draw inspiration from traditional photo booths, replacing the photo opportunity with karaoke equipment – self-service at its best!

Initially, karaoke booths could be found in shopping mall corridors or airports, where soundproof booths provided entertainment. However, the entertainment value and business benefits of karaoke booths quickly caught the attention of industry professionals, leading to the trend's expansion. In Finland, you can already encounter karaoke booths in several karaoke-focused restaurants. The popularity of these booths is on the rise, especially due to hygiene reasons highlighted during the COVID years.

Increase sales with karaoke booths

However, the enthusiasm for karaoke booths is not solely based on hygiene and social distancing. Globally, booths have spread phenomenally due to their entertainment value and convenience. Karaoke booths have also enabled the addition of entertainment to a variety of restaurant styles, as they do not carry the stigma of traditional karaoke and do not disrupt the restaurant's ambiance. While customers enjoy a new karaoke experience, restaurant owners have seen the financial benefits brought by the booths.

How do karaoke booths boost restaurant sales? Here are 5 reasons to invest in a karaoke booth:

1.  New things are charming

Developing the restaurant always brings something new for customers, thus increasing customer flow. Curiosity attracts people to the restaurant, and through this, the restaurant's sales grow.

2. The queues for singing get shorter

Waiting for a turn to sing and long queues are the karaoke customer's worst nightmare. The popularity of karaoke can backfire, and customers may escape to check the situation at a neighboring restaurant. With karaoke booths, more customers have the opportunity to sing, and thus, customers are more likely to stay under the same roof.

3.  The chance to practice

Singing cold is not easy, even for karaoke enthusiasts, so a little vocal warm-up in a karaoke booth is in order. Instead of practicing in the shower, the customer can go straight to the restaurant to practice, as the booths also allow for trying out new songs in peace. As the time spent in the restaurant increases, so do the purchase transactions – after all, a dry throat needs a training drink!

4.  Utilizing redundant spaces

Karaoke booths are a great way to repurpose the redundant and unnecessary spaces in a restaurant, for example, replacing a smoking area with a booth. The restaurant's profitability improves when all available space is utilized.

5.  The customer base expands

Some customers skip karaoke even though they feel like singing. Performing in front of an audience can be nerve-wracking, it might have been a year since their last singing session, or staying in tune may feel challenging. Singing in a karaoke booth is a good alternative for customers who are hesitant about traditional karaoke, thus expanding the customer base.

Statistics speak for themselves

The positive impact of karaoke booths is also reflected in Feelment's statistics. For this reason, we decided to analyze the numbers of karaoke songs sung in restaurants; how much karaoke is performed on the main stage and how much in karaoke booths. We compared the singing figures before the introduction of karaoke booths to the figures after their addition, and the benefits brought by the booths are clear:

Two karaoke booths increase the total number of karaoke songs sung in the restaurant by 86%, and one booth by approximately 50%.

When considering all restaurants, both large and small, the number of songs sung in karaoke booths is, on average, 50% of the main stage's song count. In smaller restaurants, the ratio is higher, perhaps indicating stage performance anxiety. In smaller venues, the atmosphere can be more intense, with a more engaged audience, making singing in a karaoke booth especially enjoyable.

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Low costs, high benefits

Whether it's a larger or smaller restaurant, karaoke booths bring clear benefits. According to our statistics, an average of 800 songs are sung in karaoke booths each month. It's worth noting that karaoke booths are in use in active karaoke restaurants where karaoke is already popular. Therefore, the average figure is high compared to the statistics of smaller restaurants. Nevertheless, the booths encourage trying something new, as in addition to classics, you can hear slightly more unfamiliar songs compared to the main stage.

Karaoke booths have increased the number of songs sung, but what does that mean in practice?

The number of songs sung directly correlates with the number of customers, customer satisfaction, and the time spent in the restaurant. Even if the number of customers does not directly increase, karaoke booths provide customers with the opportunity to sing more. This opportunity enhances enjoyment, and the temptation to stay in the restaurant for a little longer is significant: well, maybe just one more song...

What about the risks? 

Machine breakdowns are very rare, as modern technology withstands usage exceptionally well. Damages caused by customers are, of course, possible, especially in an emotional activity like karaoke. In such cases, the culprits are almost always identified. Therefore, no additional costs are incurred, as the responsible party is always liable for compensation.

Investing in karaoke booths is, therefore, overall profitable, as the costs associated with the booths are minimal compared to the benefits. Adding one or more karaoke booths signals being up-to-date and distinguishes the establishment from competitors. The design of the booths can easily be tailored to create an eye-catching addition that complements the restaurant's overall style. A modern, new touch is always welcome amidst karaoke classics.