Junk y Vegan serves veggies on the plate and Feelment for the ears.

Iina Huikari
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Jan 26, 2024 2:25:05 PM

Walking around the corners of Kiasma and Sanomatalo, a vibrant splash of color catches your eye from afar—a place that cannot be ignored. Helsinki's first entirely vegan bar and fast-food restaurant, Junk y Vegan, greets passersby with brightness and greenery. Established in May 2021 in Sanomatalo, the restaurant spreads the joy of vegan food—and what better way to set the mood than with Feelment's background music. But what is the secret to the success of the trendy Junk y Vegan? We went to find out

Dive into new experiences

A cheerful, relaxed, and inclusive meeting place—these are elements that color the soul of Junk y Vegan better than well. Located in the heart of Helsinki, the restaurant is like a fresh breeze straight from Central Europe:

"The commercial space in Sanomatalo needed something new, which is why the restaurant was designed. Ideas were gathered from around the world, and the founder of Junk y Vegan can be traced back to Amsterdam," says Maarit Karjalainen, the Head of Line at Junk y Vegan Oy.

The driving forces behind the restaurant are not only the strong demand for vegan meals but also environmental factors, animal rights, and minimizing food waste. Although Junk y Vegan's menu is entirely vegan, the restaurant doesn't adhere to a specific diet or identity. Vegans, non-vegans, and everyone in between are welcome.

"We want to surprise people and encourage them to try something new," says Maarit. Junk y Vegan is indeed an excellent place for togetherness, as the restaurant's menu caters to everyone. Delicious vegan junk food fills the stomach of every companion, and no one has to compromise their eating habits. Under the restaurant's roof, climate actions become easy, fun, and delicious.

Responsible choices

Easygoing music, vibrant colors, and a laid-back atmosphere welcome customers with a warm embrace as soon as they step through the door. The smiling greeting from behind the bar competes with the color brilliance of the restaurant's interior. Restaurant Manager Riikka Atri is preparing the place for the Halloween weekend. If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, in the case of Junk y Vegan, it's the staff—everything the restaurant is reflects in them.

"At our place, every staff member gets to express themselves and use their own creativity," says Riikka. The animal-loving and exuberantly cheerful restaurant manager feels right at home at Junk y Vegan. Despite accumulating experience in various restaurant tasks, the passion for the industry has not diminished. The convergence of personal life and workplace values makes Riikka's work particularly meaningful:

"Veganism requires knowledge because especially in Finland and the Nordic countries, people will ask detailed questions. We don't keep recipes a secret; we openly share tips to make the transition to a plant-based diet easier."

Responsible choices are evident in every aspect of Junk y Vegan's operations. In addition to favoring local small producers in the restaurant's ingredient choices, even the background music is played through the services of the Finnish provider Feelment. Junk y Vegan aims to make a positive impact; among other actions, surplus food is sold instead of ending up in the trash.


Mood creator = music

Because taking care of employees is also part of responsibility, music comes into play in that regard. The energetic atmosphere of Junk y Vegan is visible and audible from the restaurant floor to the back room, and Maarit, whose tasks include coaching the staff, ensures that. "Music plays a significant role in the atmosphere here. Music touches the soul, and it affects both the staff and the customers," she summarizes.

When background music matters are in order, the staff doesn't have to worry about the kind of music playing from the selected playlists. Thanks to Feelment, defining music that matches the style of the business idea is easy, as the playlist selection offers options from various genres.

"The good thing about Feelment is that you can change the genre of music according to the customer base and mood. The app's home menu is handy because the staff can see recently played and recommended playlists right from the homepage. This makes it easy to vary the music within the brand's framework. Additionally, the playlists are well-executed stylistically," says Riikka.

The atmosphere at Junk y Vegan is tinted with cheerful funky house-style music with a hint of hip-hop influence. As a big music lover, Riikka also appreciates the feature of importing Spotify playlists from Feelment: "The most challenging part is when the staff gets tired of the music. Importing Spotify playlists is a handy feature because it allows you to update your own lists, for example, while jogging."

Junk y Vegan truly offers a dive into new experiences, and there's a treat for every sense. Color for the eyes, joy for the mind, and flavors for the palate—with the sweet melodies of music not forgotten. Under the restaurant's roof, something money can't buy is available; the willingness to experiment and the enthusiasm that spreads from the staff to the customers. A visit to the restaurant becomes an experience as refreshing as the decor. The world seems to change one dish at a time.

Vegan burger and sweet potato fries on the restaurant table.


Junk y Vegan answers questions

Junk y Vegan's menu changes with the seasons. What's new on the menu?

The new menu features a lot of fresh items, such as the Man go Nuts salad made with mango and nuts, and teriyaki-marinated No Chick skewers. The kitchen head at Junk y Vegan has roots in Thailand, which is reflected in these delicious novelties.

What is the best thing about Feelment?

Ease and quality. Customer service is always super-friendly, and even the CEO has a childlike enthusiasm for sales! The technology works, there are no interruptions in sound, and the music is of high quality. Features like searching for playlists based on tempo and scheduling music are excellent. Also, the ability to play ads on the restaurant screens through Feelment is a great feature.

Can private events be organized at Junk y Vegan?

Absolutely! Junk y Vegan can accommodate various events from birthdays to company Christmas parties, for up to 100 people. Veggie delights are served buffet-style according to preferences and food allergies. Junk y Vegan always follows the event dress code; you can even create a dance floor and throw a proper party if desired! Additionally, through Feelment, you can play the desired music, including playlists from the event organizer.




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