Customers and Feelment both enjoy themselves on Viking Line's ships

Iina Huikari
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Jan 26, 2024 2:31:26 PM

Recalling their first trip abroad, many of us conjure up memories of a cruise. A tradition passed down through generations. The significance of sea travel is also evident in Viking Line's April 2019 naming competition; the vessel now known as Viking Glory received over 22,000 name suggestions from around the world. Feelment is joyfully maintaining the emotional connection to sea travel, entertaining the people sailing on the waves of the Baltic Sea.

Five centuries of entertainment

Sea travel underwent a significant change in the 1970s when a regulation in Finland prohibited the import of tax-free goods from trips lasting less than 24 hours. As trips were required to last longer, entertainment found its place on ships sailing the Baltic Sea. Ball pits, nightclubs, and swimming pools transformed ferries into entertainment centers—modern cruise ships.

Over the years, Viking Line has adapted to the changes, and its service concept stays in tune with the times. The red ships now carry much more than just cars, and it shows in the company's quality factors. Friendly customer service, excellent shopping opportunities, comfortable spaces, and high-quality entertainment are all part of Viking Line's service concept. It's no wonder that the slightly more luxurious Viking Line ranked first in a study measuring customer experiences in the travel industry.

Feelment ensures success

When it comes to cruise entertainment, it has become a staple. That's why Feelment's services are a great part of Viking Line's entertainment offering. 'Karaoke is a must on a Swedish cruise,' announced a young man in the corridor of Viking Grace on a sunny Sunday afternoon. And he was right, as karaoke is one of the most traditional cruise activities. The relaxed atmosphere and the gentle rocking of the waves make each of us peel off our own life's superstar.

Karaoke holds great significance on Viking Cinderella, despite our customers being mostly Swedish, and karaoke traditionally not being as popular on the Swedish side. Feelment offers a wide selection of songs, allowing most to find their favorites. We believe this is important and wonderful." – Viking Cinderella

Music adapts to the environment

However, Feelment's services are not limited to karaoke stages alone, as carefully curated playlists are also contributing to the atmosphere on Viking Line ships. Entertainment always adapts to the space and needs; for example, the tunes in Viking Glory's Spa section invite relaxation, while the sung hits in the Tax-Free area inspire customers to indulge in some shopping.

"The playlists provided by Feelment are good foundation lists that can be used to build schedules for different spaces. We have several different areas, and the schedules for all of them are easily manageable." – Viking Gabriella

Thanks to Feelment's user-friendly interface, entertainment is available from the coast to the open sea. The phone support, reachable every day of the year (9 am to 11 pm), answers any questions that come to mind. Additionally, karaoke songs and playlists can be downloaded offline whenever needed.

"The technical support has worked well, and there is nothing to complain about the functionality of Feelment. For example, the ability to import Spotify playlists is really practical and a great feature." – Viking Cinderella

Maritime life in the rhythms of the day

What is this so-called best-titled entertainment-enhanced customer experience like, then? Well, definitely something entirely different than those who traveled on ferries decades ago could have imagined. For Viking Line, the customer experience is an adventure that serves both the route traveler and the vacationer who has booked a cruise with equal dedication.

Traveling along the Baltic Sea with Viking Grace, the proximity of nature and the sea is tangible. In addition to the captivating landscape on the horizon, the archipelago of Åland can also be seen in the cabin textiles. However, the greenery is not only left to the support of the surrounding nature, as Viking Line is continuously working for the benefit of the Baltic Sea and the archipelago.

Nature also has its place in the ship's daily rhythm. The terrace of Club Vogue plays the tunes of lounge music, awakening towards the upcoming day, while the light summer breeze brings the scent of the sea. During the day, travelers can focus on relaxed togetherness or even work. As the evening approaches, it's easy to take a break, as modern sound and lighting equipment brings the festive atmosphere. The mind calms down from the hustle of everyday life, as everything needed is here and now – in the embrace of Viking Line.

Viking Line

  • The first car ferry, S/S Viking, commenced operations in 1959 under the name Vikinglinjen Ab.
  • Nowadays Viking Line employs over 2000 people
  • Environmental efforts are evident in Viking Line's everyday operations; the climate-smart Viking Glory began operating in the spring of 2022.
  • Viking Line relies on Feelment's services for the functionality and quality of background music and karaoke on its ships.