5 ways to offer Karaoke in Your restaurant 🎤

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Jan 26, 2024 2:40:23 PM

Karaoke is growing in popularity year by year as a cornerstone of restaurant entertainment. The image of a rough corner pub with tube TVs now belongs only to Kaurismäki's films. 

Karaoke is a fun, liberating, and a social event that, when offered, can attract new customers regardless of the restaurant's style. Options range from traditional hosted stage karaoke to fully automated private room karaoke.This text discusses the most common ways to organize karaoke in your restaurant.


A male host conducting karaoke behind the counter.


1. Hosted stage karaoke

The traditional, familiar, and reliable way to entertain your customers is to set up a stage and invite them to perform on the platform. You can host the karaoke yourself, but for the best value, we recommend hiring a professional karaoke host who knows what they're doing and how to keep your customers entertained.

In stage karaoke, your customers get their moment as the star of your restaurant. Thumbs up and hearts flying across the screen provide confidence, a good vibe, and encourage them to stay in the restaurant, perhaps ordering another song.

What do you need?

There are a couple of different paths to organizing stage karaoke.

Own equipment & the host

If your idea is to organize karaoke regularly, the most sensible and popular way is to acquire your own karaoke service for the restaurant and host the evening with your own staff. The easiest route to restaurant entertainment is to choose Finland's favorite, which is Feelment. With this program, you get the best karaoke selection and a background music service similar to Spotify, which automatically alternates.


Karaoke host as a service

For occasional karaoke fun, it makes the most sense to order karaoke as a service, covering everything with all the necessary equipment. Finland's largest karaoke service providers, such as Popmaster, rely on Feelment, so you can be sure that, in addition to top-notch hosts, they bring along the best karaoke selection in the market.

The restaurant space with a TV on the wall. The screen displays the text 'Karaoke Room.


2. Karaoke room for groups

In recent years, karaoke booths and rooms have become increasingly popular. As the name suggests, a karaoke booth refers to a cabin or room where groups of friends can go and sing karaoke together. Typically, the booth is rented or there's an agreement based on a certain amount of drink sales to gain access.

In Feelment's self-service mode, the interface has been simplified so that customers can sing independently. The device in use is locked down, allowing only karaoke functionality and nothing else.

How and for whom?

Self-service karaoke is ideal for a restaurant where you want to keep karaoke as a secondary form of entertainment without disrupting the overall evening experience. For a karaoke booth, you, of course, need a suitable space, and many have repurposed old smoking booths to generate revenue through karaoke.

A restaurant customer selecting a karaoke song from a touchscreen while holding a microphone.


3. Karaoke booth - For practice and personal enjoyment

Karaoke booths and rooms operate in much the same way, with the only difference being that a booth is a space for 1-2 people ('booth') where karaoke equipment is installed. Karaoke booths require significantly less space and are easy to set up, even as a later addition.

Booths can be offered to satisfy the needs of the most enthusiastic singers if traditional karaoke is not possible or desired. Many of our customers have added booths alongside stage karaoke, providing customers with an easy way to shake off nerves or practice a new performance.

The explosive popularity of booths and karaoke rooms is explained by their simplicity, privacy, and simply because your customers can sing more throughout the evening when there are multiple places to showcase their talents instead of just one stage.

Hands holding a smartphone displaying a list of karaoke songs.


4. Automatic karaoke - Sidekick

If you want to keep things as easy and light as possible, we recommend trying automatic karaoke. As the name suggests, karaoke runs completely automatically without you having to pay attention to it.

Your customers queue up their karaoke performances using Digital Ordering, and Feelment starts the song after the desired delay. The system manages the karaoke queue entirely automatically, and your customers take turns singing to their heart's content.

A group of happy restaurant customers singing together into a microphone.


5. Theme party - To the tune of karaoke

If 'Aikuinen Nainen' or 'Lapin Kesä' has become tiresome, and you don't want the evergreen karaoke classics playing in your restaurant, but you're still interested in karaoke, we recommend exploring Themed Karaoke.

Inspired by one of our customers, we developed Themed Karaoke, allowing you to narrow down the karaoke selection to cover only songs related to a specified theme. As your customers browse songs on their own phones, inform the singer that the karaoke selection has been limited to offer only songs according to the chosen theme.


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