Maestro Pro is now Feelment

Hanna Sorri
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Jan 26, 2024 2:24:28 PM

Maestro Pro is now officially FeelmentÂź starting 7.6.2021.

A name change might feel unexpected, but we've been excitedly planning this for a while. We want to share with you the reasons behind the name change – and why we chose to do it now

Maestro is a rather common name

The brand Maestro or Maestro Pro is a widely used name worldwide. We wanted a completely unique name that represents our service as a whole.

Even within Finland, there is, for example, an accounting firm named Maestro, and messages and calls meant for us are often redirected from their customer service (thank you and sorry!). For the sake of clarity, it is more sustainable to choose another, better, and more descriptive name.

The name of the program on the invoice

Maestro Pro has not been possible to register as a trade name for ViihdevÀylÀ Oy, which is why we haven't been able to invoice using the Maestro Pro name.

This has caused some confusion in the past when people called us asking about ViihdevÀylÀ Oy, wondering why they were receiving invoices from them when they were expecting bills from Maestro. We also registered FeelmentŸ as a trade name, allowing us to use it for invoicing as well.

The intellectual property rights for this new FeelmentÂź brand can also be protected, which is certainly a smart move for future considerations.

In addition:

  • Long-time customers may recall that it's our habit to be a bit confusing with these naming matters. This is quite in line with our principles regarding naming, but now we have found peace. 😇
  • Maestro Pro is hard to say quickly over the phone. Give it a try.

Why FeelmentÂź?

We pondered the new name long and earnestly. Criteria included factors such as the name rolling off the tongue smoothly, being international, and reflecting what we do. Additionally, it had to be short and concise. Each of us came up with our own suggestions, and within the team, we held votes and eliminations. In the end, we collectively settled on the name Feelment¼, conceived by Juulianna, which draws inspiration from the words 'entertainment' and 'feeling.' Both words are closely tied to everything we do as a company. A perfect choice! 👌