5 Reasons to Invest in a Background Music Service for Your Business

Iina Huikari
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Jan 25, 2024 3:46:53 PM

Playing background music in a business setting often raises many questions. What kind of background music should be chosen: royalty-free elevator music or well-known hits? Can a business play the radio publicly? What about Spotify playlists? Feelment's music expert, Matti, explains why a background music service is an easy answer to all these questions.

A background music service ensures successful music choices.

The addition of background music to business premises has been discussed for a long time, as the benefits of music have been evident to our eyes. Customers enjoy themselves, the atmosphere is just right, and at the same time, sales increase. Many businesses use background music to support customers' purchasing decisions and in defining their target audience. However, positive effects don't happen by playing just any music; background music should blend with the company's style without taking too much control.

"Music should support the atmosphere desired by the business while also creating a positive feeling for customers."

Successful music choices are based on carefully considered style, analyzing the target audience, and meticulously curated playlists. Getting familiar with the subject, choosing music, and creating playlists honestly take time. So, would utilizing a music service tailored for businesses be worthwhile? 

5 reasons to get a music service

1. A suitable selection of both familiar and unfamiliar.

Playing well-known music is an economic advantage for a business, as hits inevitably have a connection to customers' emotions—images and memories of human encounters and events come to life. For this reason, relying solely on royalty-free elevator music is not advisable, as evoking emotions is the path to a successful customer experience. However, there are also drawbacks to playing excessive well-known music.

"If background music consists only of overplayed hits, the place will exude a dated vibe in an unfavorable way. Customers also won't enjoy spending much time solely with well-known songs because they've heard them too many times. With continuous play, they also take up too much attention."

You can avoid extremes with a background music service, as playlists curated by experts are designed specifically for businesses' background music and increasing sales. The playlists are crafted to achieve a balanced blend across all music genres. "Even '80s music can sound fresh, as long as the selection includes more than just worn-out hits. This way, a nostalgic ambiance can be created for, say, an '80s-themed restaurant that feels pleasant and vibrant.

2. Looking for music is easy

Searching for music that aligns with a company's style and target audience from scratch understandably poses challenges. To avoid the repetition of the same playlists continuously, the search function in a background music service is an excellent tool for music selection. For instance, Feelment's search function allows users to filter playlists based on the venue and desired musical style. Filtering playlists can display music only within a specific tempo range or, for example, more recent releases.

Using a music service also doesn't eliminate the use of personal playlists, as Feelment® enables the import of one's own Spotify playlists into the service. Instead of entirely outsourcing music choices, combining personal selections with the service's playlists is a brilliant way to create a new musical landscape—playing several different playlists simultaneously.

3. Radio can't listen to your target audience, but you can

The difficulty of choice often leads to playing the radio, as it feels familiar and only requires a valid music license. However, there are numerous radio channels, making it challenging to find the right one. What pleases one's own ear may not necessarily align with the company's style and target audience.

"Background music provides an easy way to define the target audience and expand it as well. Choosing music according to the target audience is recommended, as it enhances the overall comfort."

Playing the radio always brings along talk shows and advertisements. Speech is a disruptive stimulus that complicates customer communication by interrupting thoughts. One of the key features of background music is to serve as an auditory veil to fade out disruptive stimuli. However, the impact of radio is quite the opposite. The company's soundscape works best when it doesn't irritate anyone.

4. Background music partner for business use

Did you know that Spotify is not designed for business use? Playing background music in your business premises is not allowed through Spotify. Playing music independently always requires a review of the service's terms of use, as many music streaming services are intended only for private individuals. When choosing a service, it's easiest to use a background music service specifically designed for businesses. This way, you can ensure compliance with terms of use and laws.

For playing well-known background music, a business also needs music licenses. With a music service, you only need a background music license based on your business sector. However, if you create playlists yourself by saving music to your device, you still need a separate storage license. So, a background music partner reduces the number of required licenses.

5. Technology serves the company

The features of the background music service are specifically designed for business use, providing ease of use. For example, Feelment's user interface allows the simultaneous playback of multiple music channels from a single device. This enables the company to play different music in various areas. In addition, song transitions are seamless, maintaining the continuity of background music as the previous song smoothly transitions into the next one. The music service also offers assistance with technical implementations, such as acquiring equipment. And in case you encounter an issue, there's no need to panic—phone support is available every day of the year.

Acquiring and paying for a background music service is, in many ways, a profitable investment. Not only does it save time, but the service also ensures stress-free operation. The music serves the business in the best possible way while acknowledging that the service is approved for business use. Sales increase, and the daily life of employees becomes easier when there's no need to struggle with technology. A smooth daily routine is a significant part of comfort, as it reflects in both employees and customers.

You can try Feelment's music service for free. Read more about the service by clicking here!