At VillageWorks office hotels, work joy meets background music

Iina Huikari
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Jan 25, 2024 3:48:22 PM

What soothes the mind? Green forests, harmonious colors, well-placed objects. An environment where the soundscape supports concentration, and where the passage of time feels more like a state of flow than hurry. All these elements have found a home in VillageWorks office hotels; spaces where businesses thrive, and work becomes a source of joy. Feelment® has become part of the fascinating world of office interiors by curating playlists for VillageWorks spaces. We visited to experience the atmosphere and also asked about VillageWorks' experiences with Feelment's services.

Customers first

When contacted by Espoon Sinihelmi property, VillageWorks CEO Khuong Le couldn't resist seizing a new opportunity. In addition to wanting to enhance office space offerings in Espoo, two of the CEO's favorite things coincidentally merged in the name Sinihelmi: the color blue and VillageWorks' remarkable employee, Helmi. Helmi Viippola, the project manager responsible for the comfort and practical aspects of office hotels, took on the planning of the new location with enthusiasm:

"We aim to anticipate our customers' needs in advance to ensure that our spaces are comfortable. Human interactions and convenience are highly valued. Sinihelmi has been an interesting project precisely because I got to think about what the target audience for a property located by the highway needs."

At VillageWorks, customer experiences are considered from start to finish. A comprehensive range of spaces is tailored to precisely meet the needs of customers, and everything needed is available with a clear monthly fee. Additionally, the work is done with genuine expertise; formerly known as Business Center Papula, VillageWorks has been providing office, meeting, and coworking spaces since 2008.  

Towards a new future

The past few years have been tumultuous, and there's no denying that. The future of the workplace has changed, from working methods to well-being, and this is evident at VillageWorks as well. "Many companies have abandoned large offices. Lighter model workspaces are a flexible solution because we don't have long commitment periods. An office hotel is also a good solution when a company wants to offer its employees multiple locations to work," says Helmi.

As the customer's situation changes, VillageWorks is there to support, as in addition to short commitment periods, additional space is also available quickly. Efficient work is supported not only by flexibility but also by well-being; office hotels are meeting places for companies but also for individuals, where time is spent engaging in various activities and micro-breaks. News is exchanged during yoga classes, morning porridge sessions, and coffee moments organized in VillageWorks spaces.

Music as a part of space comfort. 

The importance of background music is something Helmi has experienced firsthand. The unique soundscape of Lapland Hotels made a lasting impression on her during a visit, a memory she still recalls even years later. As the interviewer, I reveal that they also use Feelment's background music service, and we share a cheerful laugh. Music indeed plays a significant role in shaping the brand image.

"Along with optimal temperature and lighting, music is also part of space comfort. It enhances warmth and a quality atmosphere. Carefully chosen background music, such as lounge-style playlists, also support concentration for many," -Helmi adds.

In office spaces, background music also serves as an excellent sound curtain. Without music, every clink of a coffee cup and step is heard in a disruptive manner: "If it's dead silent, the threshold for conversation is high because everyone can hear. In the mornings and afternoons, music is also a nice element to support a calm atmosphere."

Comfort is born from details

VillageWorks spaces align with both customer needs and current trends. For example, phone booths, which have become a significant trend, can be found in all locations. Also, background music hasn't been added haphazardly; it involves careful, location-specific planning. The weight of work stress lifts off with each considered detail.

Background music breaks the silence in the common areas and elevator lobbies of VillageWorks office hotels. However, narrow corridors function better without music - this way, unpleasant sound tunnels are avoided. Customer experiences are the sum of details: "Without background music, the overall experience is incomplete. If the music isn't playing, you immediately notice that something is missing," -Helmi summarizes.

Inevitably, Alvar Aalto's saying comes to mind: "Form is a mystery that evades definitions but gives people a good feeling." VillageWorks office hotels are executed cherishing the same design language. In addition to being spaces where people work, the environments also exude well-being and peace of mind—something that's challenging to succinctly define. The workspace transforms into a home, and the workplace into a community.

A meeting room with a long table and chairs.


VillageWorks answers questions

Are there still available spaces in your new location, Sinihelmi?

Absolutely. We have available spaces ranging from 11 square meters to 51 square meters in Sinihelmi. Additionally, there is coworking space where you can acquire a desk. We also offer virtual office services for businesses that need an address instead of physical office space. If you're contemplating between an office hotel or space, our sales manager Paula can surely recommend the right solution. You can leave a contact request directly on our website, for example.

What greetings would you like to send to companies considering adding background music to their office?

Definitely give background music a try, for example, during a trial period where you can gather feedback from customers. After that, it's easy to expand the use of music. Whether the music comes from Feelment or from the radio, it has a significant impact—Feelment's background music service enables a high-quality overall experience. As a domestic company, we are pleased to use a domestic service provider.

Where do you think Feelment has succeeded particularly well?

It's nice that you can get music for all different spaces and needs from the same service. Feelment's music library is really comprehensive, and the playlists are of high quality, well-thought-out, and sufficiently extensive. Additionally, playlists can be changed according to the season or occasion. With Feelment, you can also trust that the playlists are made by professionals - so you can play them with confidence.

You can find more information about Feelment's background music service by clicking here. Wondering what kind of music is suitable for the office? Check out our music expert Matti's tips in our blog post.