Keep your customers entertained

Background music, sports channels, karaoke and advertisement screens all in one simple to use software. When your customers are having a good time, your sales increase. Therefore, Feelment®

image including all the services Feelment offers. Formula 1 car, meaning sport packages, a microphone meaning karaoke, a advertisement cone meaning Digital Signage -advertisement service and lastly a screen with Feelment's application with music on it.
Background music
Sport channels
Advertisement screens

Licensed background music for business use 

Good feelings, increase in cash flow, and the correct mood - It all starts with background music. Offer your customers a better experience and choose the easy route by opting for the most used through out the industry, domestic Feelment®.

A graphic template with playlist cover photos.

Sport broadcasts for public showing

What if your customers always stayed for "one more"? How would that correlate to monthly sales? Run your customers' favorite sport broadcasts, even multiple at a time, all from the same device.

Tv screens displaying a variety of sports.

Biggest selection of karaoke for professional use

By offering your customers a better selection of karaoke, your customers are more satisfied, stay longer and your sales increase. You will get the most praised karaoke service on the market, even without monthly payments or fixed-term contracts. 

A microphone and a screen with the text:

Feelment® Digital Signage advertisement service - for free

Take advantage of your restaurants tv-screens throughout your opening hours with Digital Signage. The best part? It doesn't cost you anything!

An advertisement screen with two people keeping a distance, with the text:

Users in Finland

The largest chains and the most ambiant bistros in Finland trust in Feelment in their entertainment needs.


Years of experience

You won't get broken promises from us. What you get is years of experience, expertise and trustworthy partnership.


Tech support every day

Doesn't matter if it's morning, late night or a holiday. One of us will always answer you from our technical support number. 

All In One

Why Feelment?

Feelment is the most praised and used restaurant entertainment software.

One partner

Ease your every day work life by focusing your entertainment services to one provider. One service, phone number and bill.


Feelment is designed for business use, so reliability and stability is one of our key priorities in development.

My Feelment

Customize all your services from anywhere, anytime, through our new My Feelment site.

Easy & Modern

Development never ends, and we feel confident in saying you won't find entertainment easier than this.


We are a Finnish family owned business, trusted by over 2000 businesses across the country.

Start trial month

Try Feelment for a month completely free of charge. You don't need to provide credit card information, and the trial period won't automatically convert into a paid subscription.

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Book a suitable time for you from the calendar for a remotely held presentation, est. duration 30min.

Download a free guide

Are you a restaurant owner, or otherwise responsible for results? Download a free guide here, where we give you 20+20 free tips & tricks to improve a restaurants vibe. 

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Brochure of 20+20 ideas for restaurant atmosphere.